Scouting in the Catholic Church 2013

Philmont Training Center

Cimarron, NM

Fellow Scouters:

I would like to introduce the 2013 Scouting in the Catholic Church (SiCC) neckerchief designed by our very own Chip Travers!!! To get yours, please sign up to attend the SiCC conference at Philmont!!!! Reasons to participate in this outstanding program:

  1. The training conference is held at the scenic Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico, and this year Philmont will be celebrating it's 75th birthday!!!! A great reason to party.
  2. Conference participants will build a network of fellow Scouters engaged in Catholic Scouting. The conference brings together religious and lay participants with varying experiences in Scouting and the Catholic faith.
  3. SiCC provides participants with information on how Scouting is a Catholic Youth Ministry program, and the knowledge to promoting Catholic Scouting in their Dioceses and Councils.....finally,
  4. Philmont is a family experience and participants are encourage to bring family members as there are many excellent programs for every age.
    Be a part of this outstanding training conference by requesting more information at . eMail: Additional information can also be requested by eMailing: or calling 972-580-2114.


Ben Feril
SiCC 2013 Course Director