Scouting in the Catholic Church Conference

Philmont 2009 - June 21-27, 2009

The 2009 Scouting in the Catholic Church Conference is scheduled for June 21-27, 2009. The conference brings together religious and lay participants with varying experience in Scouting and the Catholic faith. The goal of the conference is to help the participants understand how Scouting is a Youth Ministry and how to use the information in their dioceses* when talking with Scouters, priests, and youth ministers.

The Scouting in the Catholic Church Conference was developed to meet the needs of all who labor in the field of Scouting as Youth Ministry. Laity, clergy, religious, youth ministers, Scout Execs, members of the Council/District Key 3, Council Membership chairs, vocation directors, youth ministry directors, CYO Directors, pastors, CORs, regional and diocesan committee chairs, chaplains, and committee members -- all who seek to better serve our youth through Scouting as Youth Ministry are welcomed and encouraged to attend!


The 2009 faculty will be: NCCS Vice Chair of Finance Ed Martin, Course Director; NCCS National Chaplain, Fr. Ray Fecteau, Course Advisor; NCCS Chair-elect, John Halloran, and NCCS Conference Committee Chair, Susan Barriball.


The new BSA on-line registration is now available at You will need a registration number from your council before you can register on-line.


Thanks to a generous donation, there are several scholarships available for this year's conference. Contact the National Office for more information.


2009 Costs:

Conference participants $450
Spouses and children over 20 $320
Children ages 6-20 $270
Children ages 3-5 $170
Children 2 and under $60
Mountain Trek $340
NAYLE participant $340


Your fee covers all meals and lodging (beginning with supper on Sunday and ending with breakfast Saturday), training materials, and family programs. Optional programs such as bus tours, handicraft supplies, and Cimarron museum visits may be available at a nominal additional cost.
More information about the Philmont Training Center is available on the PTC web page.


If you would like more information on this great event, please contact:

National Catholic Committee on Scouting®
1325 W. Walnut Hill Ln.
Irving, TX 75015-2079


* The reference to diocese includes diocese, archdiocese, eparchy, and archeparchy.

February 16 2009