Training Committee

Committee Chair: Mrs. Margaret Matarese
Committee Advisor: Fr. Mike Santangelo


Formation and training of adult leaders to establish and administer effective Scouting Programs as youth ministry in Catholic institutions.


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  • Develop tools to form (spiritual formation) and train (develop skills) diocesan committees to function as effective support systems for Catholic scouting.
  • Develop tools for diocesan committees to form and train unit leadership for effective ministry to youth through scouting.
  • Work with committees of NCCS to maintain and update training materials with innovative ideas and methodology as needed.
  • Assist NCCS committees in the development of specialized training and certification programs as requested.

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Annual Efforts

  • Review and maintain the "Scouter Development: Lay Apostolate Formation for Scouting" adult formation program and other training programs.
  • Support the National Chaplain in coordinating the Philmont Training Conference, "Scouting in the Catholic Church".  Make sure the conference syllabus is coherent and current.
  • With the Conference and Executive Committee, coordinate Biennial Conference Workshop Programs (biennial) to assure quality

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Special Programs

  • Develop adult training materials and programs that develop the concepts of Catholic Scouting.
  • With Religious Emblems Committee, develop a Religious Emblems Counselor Training Outline for coordinators, counselors and moderators (facilitators)
  • Investigate self-study concepts for use on the NCCS Website and by diocesan committees

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October 23 2010