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Delivering Catholic Youth Ministry Through Scouting Programs

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Religious Emblems

There are 4 Religious Emblem programs available for scouts to earn.

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Religious Activities

There are Religious Activity programs available for scouts to earn.

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Adult Recognition

Don't forget to recognize the adults for their outstanding contributions...

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Scout Units

Information about different Catholic awards and Sunday Activities.

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Diocesan CCS

Information regarding regional and diocesan chairmen, chaplains and contacts.

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What's New

Continuum of Adult Catholic Leadership Training

The Training Committee provides a full toolbox of quality adult leadership training available in a variety of delivery options for members of the Boy Scouts of America, Youth Ministers, and other interested laity.

BSA Family Scouting Program
The December 2017 Bridge edition
2018 Diocesan Committee Development
Chaplain's Corner

Featured Videos

George Sparks of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting discusses the work of faith and service to community involved with Catholic scouting.

Faith in Scouting - Catholic Church

# One video of Bishop Guglielmone on Catholic Scouting as a viable youth ministry, St. George’s Trek, and Scouting in the Catholic Church is coming soon.