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Jerusalem Cross

JerusalemCrossAbout this Recognition:

Those who participate in the Scouting in the Catholic Church (SitCC) course may earn the Jerusalem Cross to add to the four beads received during the course.  To earn the Jerusalem Cross, you must complete the requirements below.  The Jerusalem Cross is awarded at the NCCS Annual Meeting held shortly after Easter.  Recipients unable to attend the annual meeting will receive the Jerusalem Cross through his/her local ecclesiastical authority for presentation after the NCCS Annual Meeting.


  1. Develop and deliver a mission project that serves the needs of your parish youth ministry or diocesan Catholic Scouting community.  Your project is to be chosen from one of the following four areas:

    Color Component
    Red St. Matthew: Leadership Development, Advocacy
    White St. Mark: Catechesis, Evangelization
    Blue St. Luke: Pastoral Care, Justice & Service
    Yellow St. John: Prayer and Worship, Community Life

  2. Upon project completion, submit a description of your project with three letters of testimony:
    1. A letter from you evaluating yourself and your mission project.
    2. A letter from an ecclesiastical representative of your parish or diocese.
    3. A letter from someone who benefited from your mission project.
  3. In order to receive recognition, documentation must be submitted (no later than March 1 in order for presentation to be scheduled at an April NCCS annual meeting) to:

    National Catholic Committee on Scouting
    c/o Boy Scouts of America
    P.O. Box 152079
    Irving, TX   75015-2079

    Include $15 (payable to NCCS) to cover the cost of the emblem, shipping, and handling.

NOTE: The Jerusalem Cross recipients are not eligible to receive the BSA Adult religious knot.

Past Recipients

2004 Recipients

Ed Martin

Fr. Dr. Raymond Fecteau

Gordon Stiefel

Susan Bariball

2005 Recipients

Ed Gargiulo

Fr. Anh Tran

Fr. Michael Hanifin

Jan Hill

Laura Ray

2006 Recipients

Fr. Stephen Salvador

Tony Madonia

William Davies

Timothy Bradley

Mary Ellen Yeomans

Dennis Luellen

James Talbert

2007 Recipients

Fr. Michael Santagelo

Margaret Matarese

Chip Travers

Most Rev. Gerald Gettelfinger

2008 Recipients

Chris Manning

George Sparks

Gary Weaver

Carol Beckman

Randy Volz

Christopher Keesey

Deacon Tommy Watts

Ramon Alberto Silva

Robert Chisholm

James R. Hickey

Len Zandrow

Thomas A. Magnifco

Bert Obregon

David Gironda

Larry Wilson

Deacon Roger Hunter

2009 Recipients

Col. (Ret.) John Halloran

J. Bernard Denker

Thomas J. Moore

Margaret Ann Herlihy

Warren Swader

Deborah K. Perkins

William Cole

Janette Maring

David A. Cruz

Chuck Flagg

Nicholas Flagg

Rita Levine

Irene Bigot

Benjamin G.M. Feril

2010 Recipients

Patricia Tidwell

Joseph P. Brennan

Barbara Mauter

Robert Chiesa

Kelly Rodrigue

Hunter Piper, Jr.

Claudia Reed

Richard Ribar

Thomas Butz

Roselito de los Reyes

Joseph F. Wagner

Herbert E. Pierpan

Fr. Shaun P. Tunink

2011 Recipients

Virginia Dushek

Most Rev. Robert Guglielmone

W. David Williams

Mike Jacobs

Lawrence P. Gallagher

John V. Meakin

Larry W. Rieke

Theresa R. Rieke

Nancy G. Welton

Fr. Arthur Nave, Jr.

2012 Recipients

Nancy Watts

Fr. Kevin Smith

Rose Luebbehusen

Michael J. Woolfolk

Dr. James C. Fetterman, Esq.

Mary Young

Deacon Thomas W. Gornick

Dr. Carroll A. Brennan

2013 Recipients

Aaron Randolph

Deacon Michael F. Klappholz

August J. Pfeifer

Stephen Black

Sandra Black

David A. Moskal

Patrick C. Franzen


2014 Recipients

Michael J. Allen

Paul E. Bell

Michelle D. Brown

Deanna Castrey-Westmyer

Deacon Leo Feguson

Keven Grameslpacher

Fr. S. Matthew Gray

Edward Hoekstra

Bernie Kilcoyne

Deacon Don Krehenly

Salvador F. Pimentel

Kathleen Polowski

James D. Shivers

John Uchaker

2015 Recipients

Sandy Eubanks

Daniel M. Frommelt

Kandace Glaser

Bruce Grimes

Robert D. Hammack

Mark J. Kramer

Joe Maresh

Marie Maresh

Maria Talamo

Robert S. Zetelski, Jr.

2016 Recipients

John Anthony

Joe Bouley

Dinah Cowen

Erin Galloghy

James F. Holtgrave

James F. Hughes

Gina Keating

Christopher G. Murray

Elizabeth V. Olivas

James Pitney