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Miter Society

About this Recognition:

    1. The Miter Society recognition is given to any adult who financially supports, in a significant way, the promotion of the St. George Trek.
    2. For each recognition, a minimum donation of $1,000 must be made to the NCCS operated St. George fund. This fund is managed and controlled by the executive committee of the NCCS. The income generated by the trust shall be used to support the St. George Trek.
    3. The donor may choose to honor a recipient other than self with receiving this recognition. Both the recipient and donor, however, must be at least 21 years of age and of sound moral character.
    4. The final decision concerning the above qualifications of both donor and recipient rests exclusively with the finance and executive committees of the NCCS.


Click here for more information on this fund; Click here to make an online contribution or contact the NCCS Office at (972) 580-2114 or