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Chaplain's Corner

Notes From The National Chaplain

I hope you had an enjoyable and restful summer. I want to thank so many of you for your best wishes and prayers during my surgery and I am happy to report everything went so smoothly that I was able to get out to Philmont this summer and catch the end of the Catholic Conference and spend a couple of weeks as a Philmont Chaplain. Thank you to all who made the conference successful.

Next summer we will be in need of priests to serve as Chaplains or Advisors for three major events: The Jamboree, The St. George Trek and the Philmont Chaplaincy. These programs overlap with each other so we are going to try very hard to fully staff each of these events but we need your help. If you know of a priest or seminarian who would be interested, please place them in touch with us. The sooner the better. Please ask the priest first before you submit his name to us.

Thank you for your attention to this important ministry.

Peace and Prayers,

Fr. Kevin Smith
NCCS National Chaplain