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Order Forms & Literature

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Order Forms

  Emblem Order Form This form is used to order the Religious Emblems, Bronze Pelican emblem and the St. George Emblem.
  NCCS Literature Online Order Link This online form is used to order printed items that the NCCS sells. This includes Light is Life (Youth), Light is Life (Counselor), Religious Emblems for Catholics brochure, Eagle Scout Certificates, A Scout is Reverent pocket book, Catholic Scout Reference pocket book, and Chaplain Resources for various related religious events.
  Patch Online Order Link This online form is used to order patches for the Rosary Series, Marian Series, Footsteps of American Saints, International Awareness, Quality Unit Award (Pope Paul VI), Duty to God, NCCS Pocket, NCCS Jacket, and the NCCS Decal. 
  Stole and Decal Online Order Link


This online form is used to order clergy stoles and NCCS Embroidered Blazer Emblem


  NCCS Membership Application This application is used to renew your annual membership to the NCCS.
  Quality Unit Award - Pope Paul VI Application This application is used to apply for the Quality Unit Award.
  Quality Diocesan Committee Award Application This form is used to help document diocesan accomplishments.

Nomination Forms and Literature

  St. George Application This application is used to nominate individuals for the St. George emblem.
  NCCS Nomination Process The process used by the NCCS to identify individuals who are candidates for the Executive Committee.
  NCCS Interest Form This form is used to identify an individual’s interest in the NCCS.
  NCCS Biography Form This form is used to help document an individuals accomplishments.

Religious Emblems Literature


BSA Religious Principles 

An outline of BSA's religious principles and a Catholic interpretation of Scouting principles.


Light of Christ Parent Guide

Guide to assist parents work with their Cub to complete the Light of Christ Religious Emblem.


Parvuli Dei Parent Guide

Guide to assist parents work with their Cub to complete the Parvuli Dei Religious Emblem.


St. George Nomination Form 

The St. George Emblem is a national religious emblem given to adults by a diocese. Persons are nominated for the emblem using this four-page nomination form.


Religious Emblems Reference Manual

Reference Guide for adults coaching an emblem program.


Religious Emblems Forms

Suggested Religious Emblem Counselor application; Background Reference Checklist; Participant / Parent Evaluation forms; .


Religious Emblems Counselor 
Training Certificate

A pocket certificate for presentation to adults whom their diocesan Catholic committee has certified to counsel religious emblem(s).


Scouting In The Catholic Community

A web page and seven-page fact sheet on the Catholic Scouting.


NCCS-Duty to God -An Overview

A downloadable of the Religious Emblems program ad available in PDF andColored JPG and in B/W JPG

National Catholic Leadership Development Literature


Staff Guide to National Catholic Leadership Development 
(1.4M PDF file)

An essential resource for all course directors and facilitators. The Staff Guide provides the tools a diocese needs to present a National Catholic Leadership Development experience.


National Catholic Leadership Development Certificate

A pocket certificate for presentation to those who have completed the National Catholic Leadership Development experience.


Religious Emblems for Catholics

A summary outline of Catholic religious emblems.

New Unit / Membership Promotion Literature


Membership Initiative

This is the new Membership Initiative Guidebook


Membership Initiative - Spanish Edition

Iniciativa de Crecimiento de Nueva Unidad y Membresía


Opportunities Unlimited

A resource that explains the opportunity of developing new Catholic units. While this resource has been designed to inform BSA professionals on how to effectively use the diocesan catholic committee to increase catholic units, it should be a part of any diocesan membership emphasis program.


Scouting is Youth Ministry

A comparison of the BSA Mission Statement with the vision document's definition of youth ministry as well as a comparison of the BSA aims and the three essential goals stated in the vision document showing their compatibility.


Organizing New Units in Catholic Parishes

A guide on how to market new units to Catholic parishes, with sample letters, a plan of action and a visitation guide.


Scouting in the Catholic Church

An informative BSA fact sheet.


The Catholic Community Supports Scouting on Military Bases

Community-based organizations receive local charters to use the Scouting program as part of their own youth outreach. These groups can then rely on the resources of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) through BSA local councils to support them in the delivery of that program to boys and young adults in their community. A church may receive charters to operate these units: a Cub Scout pack, a Boy Scout troop, and/or a Venturing crew.


Bishop's Event for Scouting

Bishop's Events are great for organizing new Catholic units. This great resource provides step-by-step instructions on how to organize and conduct an effective Bishop's Event for Scouting.

Catholic Committee on Scouting Organization Literature


Financing the Catholic Committee on Scouting

A resource to dioceses on the various ways to fund diocesan committees and their activities.


Goals and Objectives

A list of the national goals and objectives of the NCCS.


A Checklist for the Diocesan Catholic
Committee on Scouting

In any planning meeting, it is best to have a checklist to remind us of activities for which we need to plan. This handy checklist will help you in your annual planning meetings.


Organizing the Catholic Committee

How do you organize a Catholic Committee? This resource gives some of the answers and guidance on establishing or revitalizing a diocesan catholic committee on scouting.


Program Planning Guide

All organizations need a plan. This resource is a tool to diocesan committees in planning activities and conducting meetings.


Catholic Committee Workshop Agenda

It is always best to have an annual planning meeting. This resource provides information on what a committee needs to plan for.


Guidelines for Securing Leadership for 
Diocesan Catholic Committees

How do you recruit people for your diocesan committee? This publication will help you with this question and provide job descriptions for key diocesan personnel.


Diocesan Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Chair


Diocesan Chaplain

Job description for a Diocesan Chaplain


Diocesan Vice-Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Vice-Chair


Diocesan Training Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Training Chair


Diocesan Membership Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Membership Chair


Diocesan Religious Emblems Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Religious Emblems Chair


Diocesan Religious Activities Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Religious Activities Chair


Diocesan Communication Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Communication Chair


Charter Organization Representative

Job description for a Charter Organization Representative


Diocesan Vocations Chair

Job description for a Diocesan Vocations Chair


A History of the NCCS
A History of the NCCS Trifold

A chronological history of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting®. Short versino and trifold.

Vocations Literature


Vocational Workshop for Adults

How can Scouting Leaders be more aware of the vocational aspect of Scouting? Learn how to conduct a short workshop on this topic.


Vocational Promotion through Youth Ministry

Scouting has been the field where vocations have been both planted and nourished, only to be harvested later. This resource gives dioceses some suggestions on how Scouting can promote vocations.


Field Trip to a Selected Seminary

Catholic Scouting offers many opportunities to Catholic boys. Among them is a day at a local seminary. This resource provides information on how to conduct such a trip for Scouts.

Chaplaincy Literature


Scout Chaplain's Orientation Workshop

Many newly appointed chaplains are not aware of their role as a Scout Chaplain. As in all of Scouting and the Church, training is needed. This resource gives you the material needed to organize an orientation workshop for Scout Chaplains.

Misc. Literature


Why consider a Catholic Scouting Ministry?

Available in Spanish and English. Supplied by the BSA Office.


Teaching Values Together

A Guide to help increase Catholic units.

  NCCS Structure An org chart of NCCS structure

(*) Item is not available to download at this time.


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