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Duty to God - Recognition

About this Recognition

A goal of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting ® is to use the program of the Boy Scouts of America to instill in our Catholic adults and youth the tenets of their Catholic Faith. Towards this end, a beautifully designed patch is made available to those who assist in accomplishing this goal – titled "Duty to God". The patch is not only colorful, but also is fully embroidered showing the symbols or our Catholic faith – crosier, cross, shield, and youth ministry commitment, intertwined with the Boy Scout logo. Every youth member and adult would be proud to wear this patch proclaiming involvement and/or support of this program. 
Additionally, for those recipients that do not have a Scout uniform, you may download a Duty to God certificate. It is a Word document, so you can open it, enter the recipient's name, and print the certificate (see below). It is suggested that the certificate be printed on certificate-weight paper and the patch be affixed on the certificate above its printed facsimile.

Certificate (Word) | Certificate (PDF)

To order the Patch

Order by clicking the following link:  Patch Online Order Link.

This is not an award, but rather a recognition, and as such there are no set "requirements" to complete. It is to be used to recognize those for their contribution and support to Catholic Scouting. There are many situations in which this recognition can be made, and limited only by one’s ideas. Some of the possible uses are as follows:

  • Youth Ministers - DRE's
  • Adult Leaders - Pack, Troop, Venture Crews
  • Religious Emblems Counselors
  • Pack, Troop, Venture Crews working on/Completing Religious Emblem(s)
  • Clergy - Priests, Religious, Bishops supporting Scouting
  • Youth/Adult Members of National Catholic Quality Unit Award - Pope Paul VI
  • Youth/Adult completing a service project or attending a retreat
  • Youth/Adult member of a Gold Medallion Unit winner or finalist
  • Youth/Adult participating in the St. George Trek
  • Person(s) contacted to start a new unit
  • Person(s) completing another phase of training
  • Unit(s) presenting their own clergy, youth ministers, etc., involved in "Scouting as Youth Ministry"
  • Members of local (Arch)Diocesan Catholic Committees on Scouting
  • Attendees at Philmont Training Center (Scouting in the Catholic Church)
  • Attendees at an NCCS Biennial Conference
  • Actively serving on an NCCS Committee
  • Members of non-Catholic sponsored units encouraging its Catholics to earn Catholic Religious Emblems Awards


Consider any others you feel that promote/support involvement by our Catholic youth in learning about their Catholic faith. If you have any questions, comments, or may need clarification about this recognition, please contact the NCCS at NCCS Office at (972) 580-2114 or