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Isidore The Farmer

About this activity

The goal of this activity is to share the lives of several saints so that the youth might relate to what these people have done and maybe look to these individuals as role models.

For more information about this Saint, check out the websites below.

The answers to the requirements can be found here.

Answers to Requirements

How to start


  • Although St. Isidore the Farmer never set foot on American soil, he is still widely respected as what in the USA?
  • When was he declared a saint?
  • St. Isidore the Farmer was married to a Saint. Who was she?
  • What did St. Isidore do every morning before work and why was it so important?
  • There are known to be several miracles surrounding St. Isidore life. Describe one of the miracles.


  • Discuss with your family or counselor some of the values that you admire most about St. Isidore the Farmer. What is he known for? How can you be more like him?
  • Using newspaper, magazines and the Internet create a collage of pictures that describes the life of St. Isidore the Farmer.
  • St. Isidore the Farmer is known for helping those in need and for feeding animals. Attend a Mass in the morning and then perform a service project that will feed the needy or help the animals in your community.
  • Attend Mass every morning for a week. Discuss with your family or friends how it felt to start your day with Mass; then help others, before performing your regular day’s activities.

Completion of the Activity

After completing the requirements, the participants will complete the Patch Order Form (Online) and submit it along with the applicable fee to the NCCS. The answers to the questions should be reviewed by an adult for correctness and do not need to be forwarded when ordering the patch.