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Chartered Organization Representative



A volunteer appointed by the executive officer of the chartered organization – usually a layperson

The chartered organization representative (COR) is the chief Scouting representative for the parish/organization

Note: The local BSA council offers many training opportunities, as well as other help, to improve the effectiveness of adult leadership at the unit level.


It is recommended that the chartered organization representative:

  1. Serve as an active member of the Catholic committee on Scouting.
  2. Understand the chartered organization concept between the Boy Scouts of America and the organizations chartered to operate Scouting units and the fact that the organization owns the unit.
  3. Meet with the unit(s) committee chairman and unit leaders regularly to determine the course of Scouting within the parish/ organization and give leadership in improving the effectiveness of the program.
  4. Motivate the unit(s) committee chairman and unit leaders to take positive steps to achieve the unit’s basic goals.
  5. Keep informed about the status of items such as the number of available youths versus the number the units are actually reaching; the number of youths working on the religious emblems program, and the promotional effort to reach other youth, etc. Follow up to improve the status of these items and others that produce a quality program.
  6. Communicate regularly with the pastor/organization head, president of the parish council, parents, and other key people keeping them informed about their Scouting activities.
  7. Ensure that the unit leaders and others receive recognition when due.
  8. Ensure that enough units are organized to serve all available youths.
  9. Ensure cooperation among units within the parish/organization.
  10. Ensure cooperation between the parish/organization and the BSA district and/or council.
  11. Represent the parish/organization at BSA council meetings and vote on programs, policies, and officers as opportunities permit.
  12. Interpret parish/organizational policies to the BSA council and BSA council policies to the parish/organization.

Warning: The chartered organization representative may be invited to serve as a member of a district or council operating committee, but this additional assignment should not interfere with the primary responsibility to ensure that the units are operating properly.

Term of Office:

The COR serves at the pleasure of the executive officer of the chartered organization


  • Pope Paul Vl National Unit Recognition, No. 16-169
  • Religious Emblems for Catholics, No. 16-436
  • Vocational Promotion Through Scouting Youth Ministry, No.16-149
  • Publications Listing, No. 16-101


Goal Each Unit should strive to:

  1. Have an adequately staffed and trained pack, troop, or crew committee to support the unit leader and to ensure that a sound program reaches each youth.
  2. Have leaders who are trained in the skills of Scouting and who are outstanding in their sense of responsibility, good example, and high moral character.
  3. Provide an opportunity for youths of all faiths in the neighborhood to join – including those of ethnic and minority groups.
  4. Be active a full 12 months of each year.
  5. Achieve the requirements of the Pope Paul VI National Unit Recognition Program.
  6. Promote use of Boys' Life by each member.
  7. Re-register on time by having their registration papers in the council office by, or before, the last day of the month in which they are due.

The Chartered Organization Concept

The Boy Scouts of America has an educational program for youth which develops character and fitness and prepares for citizenship. The BSA designs and updates these programs, provides support services, maintains standards, and issues charters to organizations.

Organizations charter Cub packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews to help them accomplish their objectives for youth and families for which they have concern and under their own leadership. The responsibilities of the local Boy Scout council and the youth-serving organization are spelled out in the charter.

For a Catholic organization the local Council agrees to provide:

  • Program geared to church’s youth ministry objectives.
  • Year-round training, service, and program resources
  • Training and support for COR.
  • Technique and methods for selecting leadership
  • Camping and outdoor facilities.
  • Primary general liability insurance for the organization and leadership

The Catholic organization agrees to:

  • Conduct the program in accord with its own policies and those of the BSA.
  • Use the BSA program as an integral part of its program for youth and families.
  • Provide opportunities for members to recognize responsibility to God, country, fellowman, and self.
  • Select Charter Organization Representative
    • Voting member of the BSA Council
    • Member of diocesan CCS
    • Approves leadership applications
    • Select a committee of at least three members
    • Select leaders
    • Guide Program
  • Provide adequate meeting facilities
  • Cooperate with BSA council fund-raising
  • Encourage outdoor experiences

The Catholic organization provides Scouting for its youth members and families – IT IS ITS UNIT!


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