Diocesan CCS Information

Diocesan Chairman


The diocesan chairman is usually appointed by the bishop or his representative with the endorsement of the current chaplain and outgoing chairman. In dioceses where the chairman and/or other officers are elected, all candidates should be approved by the bishop or his representative.

The recommended term for all diocesan officers is two years – but each may be re-appointed or reelected.


The person recommended as the diocesan chairman should:

  • Be of stature, highly regarded in the church and community
  • Be acceptable to the bishop.
  • Have administrative and leadership ability
  • Be able to recruit others for specific committee assignments
  • Be able to communicate with, and relate to, the local council and Catholic organizations within his area of responsibility


It is recommended that the diocesan chairman:

  1. Work to provide the best possible climate for Scouting in the diocese.
  2. Communicate and collaborate with the diocesan chaplain in the fulfillment of the duties of the office.
  3. In cooperation with the diocesan chaplain, recruit qualified adults to give leadership to the diocesan Catholic committee
  4. Schedule regular meetings of the diocesan committee to review progress of current programs as well as to present new information.
  5. Appoint chairmen of any ad hoc and standing committees.
  6. Schedule an annual training session for each of the subcommittees when practical.
  7. Be responsible for reports, records and procedures of the diocesan Catholic committee.
  8. Represent the diocese at NCCS business meetings and at regional NCCS meetings as a voting member
  9. Interact with BSA council executives, represent Catholic Scouting on the council relationships committee and request that the council appoint a BSA staff member as advisor to the Catholic committee on Scouting.
  10. Appoint associate diocesan chairmen with the advice and counsel of the local council and diocesan sub-committee.
  11. Communicate regularly with the associate diocesan chairmen of the diocesan Catholic subcommittees for council service within the diocese.