Diocesan CCS Information

Diocesan Communications Chairman


  • A volunteer layperson appointed by the diocesan chairman.
  • This person should have an outgoing personality and skill with written communications.
  • Familiarity with computer technology is of increasing importance.


It is recommended that the chairman for communications:

  1. Be familiar with the chartered organization concept between the Boy Scouts of America and the organizations chartered to operate Scouting units
  2. Work through the news media and other channels to:
    • Promote Scouting as a current and viable program of youth ministry that can reinforce or expand the outreach of parishes and Catholic youth-serving organizations
    • Promote the activities of the Catholic committee and local council(s)
    • Stress the religious, educational, and vocational aspects of Scouting and its force for good in the community
    • Show and promote the use of Scouting as Youth Ministry
  3. Use or develop networking and computing tools for committee publicity and communication. (e.g., e-mail communications networks and a diocesan Internet Web site)
  4. Prepare and publish the annual Catholic committee calendar of events under the direction of the chairman and in collaboration with other committee members
  5. Develop working relationships with the diocesan newspaper:
    • Meet with the editor
    • Determine deadlines and technical requirements for submitting news items
    • Discuss with the editor the requirements and procedures for establishing a short regular column covering Scouting news throughout the diocese
  6. Develop working relationships with local council personnel:
    • Establish procedures for submitting committee and parish Scouting news for inclusion in council newspapers
    • Keep council personnel informed of Catholic Scouting activities
  7. Work with and through chartered organizations to encourage each unit to recruit a unit publicist who regularly submits items of interest for dissemination through parish bulletins and other media
  8. Assist the committee in establishing and maintaining good liaison, communication, and cooperation with local council personnel, clergy, laymen, and Scouting leaders related to Catholic-chartered units.

Term of Office:

Recommended term of office is two years, concurrent with the chairman, and should be renewable.


  • Scouting in Your Parish No. 16-211
  • VIDEO: Scouting in the Catholic Church, No. 16-441
  • Religious Emblems for Catholics, No. 16-436
  • Program Planning Guide, No. 16-168
  • Publications Listing, No. 16-101

The Chartered Organization Concept

The Boy Scouts of America has an educational program for youth, which develops character and fitness and prepares for citizenship. The BSA designs and updates these programs, provides support services, maintains standards, and issues charters to organizations.

Organizations charter Cub packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews to help them accomplish their objectives for youth and families for which they have concern and under their own leadership.

The responsibilities of the local Boy Scout council and the youth-serving organization are spelled out in the charter.

For a Catholic organization the local Council agrees to provide:

  • Program geared to church’s youth ministry objectives.
  • Year-round training, service, and program resources
  • Training and support for COR.
  • Technique and methods for selecting leadership
  • Camping and outdoor facilities.
  • Primary general liability insurance for the organization and leadership

The Catholic organization agrees to:

  • Conduct the program in accord with its own policies and those of the BSA.
  • Use the BSA program as an integral part of its program for youth and families.
  • Provide opportunities for members to recognize responsibility to God, country, fellowman, and self.
  • Select Charter Organization Representative
    • Voting member of the BSA Council
    • Member of diocesan CCS
    • Approves leadership applications
    • Select a committee of at least three members
    • Select leaders
    • Guide Program
  • Provide adequate meeting facilities
  • Cooperate with BSA council fund-raising
  • Encourage outdoor experiences

The Catholic organization provides Scouting for its youth members and families – IT IS ITS UNIT!