Diocesan CCS Information

Diocesan Membership Chairman


  • A volunteer layperson appointed by the diocesan chairman.
  • Experience with Scouting units is recommended.
  • Training in Scouting commissioner service is desirable.


It is recommended that the chairman for membership:

  1. Fully understand the chartered organization concept between the Boy Scouts of America and organizations chartered to operate Scouting units.
  2. Work with and through the Catholic committee to promote, extend, and strengthen Scouting in Catholic-chartered organizations.
  3. Assist the local council in attaining a more representative membership in Catholic organizations.
    1. Set goals and take actions necessary to achieve a net increase in units
    2. Recruit and organize means to visit each Catholic parish or potential youth serving organization that does not have Scouting, or the entire Scouting family, to discuss chartering a unit. Refer positive responses immediately to council representatives for follow-up.
    3. Initiate or support, when needed, a Bishop’s Dinner on Scouting and/or School Night for Scouting in parochial schools
  4. Establish and maintain frequent communications with newly organized units.
    NOTE: New units may fail to survive their first year of operation for lack of attention. Assist in securing and mentoring leadership if needed.
  5. Promote the use of the Pope Paul VI National Unit Recognition to evaluate annually and maintain quality units operating in Catholic-chartered organizations.
  6. Use information contained in Current Diocesan Statistical Reports and other sources to:
    • Take prompt action to re-establish dropped units
    • Contact units whose charter renewal dates indicate they are about to expire to ensure they will re-charter on time
  7. Maintain records to show the extent of Catholic participation in Scouting and potential chartered organizations within the area of committee responsibility
  8. Be familiar with and use NCCS membership committee materials and programs

Term of Office:

Recommended term of office is two years and should be renewable.


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  • A Bishop’s Dinner on Scouting, No. 16-134
  • Current Diocesan Statistical Report
  • VIDEO: Scouting in the Catholic Church, No. 16-441
  • Pope Paul VI National Unit Recognition, No. 16-169
  • Knights of Columbus pamphlet, A Strong Link, No. 3-188
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