Diocesan CCS Information

Diocesan Religious Emblems Chairman


  • A volunteer layperson appointed by the diocesan chairman.
  • This person should have experience with religious formation and obtain training in counseling/facilitating religious emblems programs with youth.
  • Scouting experience is desirable.


It is recommended that the chairman for religious emblems:

  1. Develop and maintain a viable religious emblems program that provides every Catholic youth in Scouting a religious educational experience in support of the total Christian formation program of the church
  2. Promote the spiritual phase of Scouting to ensure that every youth in the program has the opportunity to become more aware of God’s presence in his/her daily life.
  3. Initiate a program to recruit, train, and certify religious emblems counselors:
    • Contact the chartered organization representative of each Catholic-chartered unit and request that a counselor be appointed to serve each unit
    • Conduct training for these counselors that will lead to certification as outlined in the Ad Altare Dei Counselors’ Guide, No. 33072 or Light is Life Counselors’ Guide, No. 16-106
  4. Work in collaboration with the diocesan Scout chaplain to:
    • Schedule boards of review to examine candidates who have completed requirements for the Ad Altare Dei, Light is Life, and Pope Pius XII programs.
    • Obtain religious emblems needed for presentation
    • Arrange appropriate liturgical ceremonies for the presentation of emblems in accordance with the customs of the diocese
  5. Encourage participation by Catholic youths in the religious emblems programs including those in units not chartered by Catholic organizations.
  6. Provide guidance and assistance to youths in Catholic-chartered units who are not Catholic, urging them to earn the religious emblems of their faiths (see Religious Emblems Programs, No. 5-206C)
  7. Encourage each religious emblems counselor to create an atmosphere within his/her unit conducive to the development of religious vocations
  8. Cooperate with other religious groups to:
    • Promote the religious emblems programs at roundtables, training sessions, and Scout camps. Many dioceses have produced religious emblems displays in cooperation with other religious groups.
    • Use the Religious Emblems Programs folder, No. 5-206C, in all new unit kits

Term of Office:

Recommended term of office is two years, concurrent with the chairman, and should be renewable.


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