Diocesan CCS Information

Diocesan Vice-Chairman


A volunteer layperson appointed by the diocesan chairman or elected by the diocesan committee


It is recommended that the diocesan vice-chairman:

  1. Be familiar with all duties assigned to the chairman and preside at meetings during any absence.
  2. Assist implementation of committee operations including:
    • Establishment and achievement of goals
    • Promotion and extension of the Scouting program
    • Maintenance of good communications and relations with local BSA councils, clergy, laypersons, and Scouting units in the Catholic Church.
  1. Be familiar with basic Scouting literature, including key items shown on the Catholic relationship�s Publications Listing No. 16-101
  2. Be familiar with the job responsibilities and expectations of all members of the committee, but give special attention to the chartered organization representative.
  3. Perform duties as assigned by the chairman.


It is recommended that the diocesan chairman specifically be delegated to:

  1. Contact all chartered organization representatives of Catholic organizations in your area of responsibility using the Scouting program on a scheduled basis to:
    1. Invite them to participate as active members of the Catholic committee
    2. Brief them on the job responsibilities and expectations of a chartered organization representative � use job description sheet, No. 16-161J
  2. Note: If the COR is not able or willing to support the parish/ organization Scouting program as detailed in the job description sheet, (s)he should be replaced by a person who will give the time and effort required for the task as outlined.

  3. Prepare the committee operating budget (see Financing the Catholic Committee, No. 16-147) and give leadership in developing possible areas of funding from diocesan and other sources

Term of Office:

Recommended term of office is two years, concurrent with the chairman, and should be renewable.


  • Financing the Catholic Committee, No. 16-147
  • Guidelines for Securing Leadership, No. 16-161A-J (with job descriptions)
  • Program Planning Guide, No. 16-168
  • Publications Listing, No. 16-101