Diocesan CCS Information

Diocesan Vocations Chairman


A volunteer lay person appointed by the diocesan chairman. This person should have experience with:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Church vocations formation
  • National Catholic Leadership Development
  • The long standing link between Catholic Scouting all vocational choices to serve the Church and their parish community
  • To identify a good candidate for this position contact the Vocation Director or Serra Clubs in your diocese. 


It is recommended that the Vocations chairman:

  1. Develop, schedule, and carry out Church Vocation discernment programs activities that will provide every youth in Catholic Scouting with a personal religious experience combining the basic values inherent in Scouting and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through the teaching authority of the Catholic Church
  2. Work with and through chartered organizations to promote involvement in these activities by all Catholic-chartered units.
  3. Coordinate activities with local BSA council(s) to avoid conflicting dates
  4. Collaborate with the communications chairman and others to reach Catholic youth and adults in units not chartered to Catholic organizations with the hope of enlisting their participation in diocesan Scouting activities
  5. Build relationships with the diocesan youth ministry office, vocation director, religious communities, Serra Clubs and Knight of Columbus and parish vocation committees to aid and coordinate Scout participation in diocesan and parish events
  6. Give leadership to Chaplain Aide and an annual retreat for adults in the Scouting apostolate. Encourage or plan a Church vocation related component for the retreat.

Term of Office:

Recommended term of office is two years, concurrent with the chairman, and should be renewable.


  • Program Planning Guide, No. 16-168
  • Field Trip to a Selected Seminary No. 16-166
  • Chaplain’s Guide in Scout Camps, No. 12038
  • Local council activities calendar an Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting calendar
  • Handbook for Diocesan Vocation Committee Chairman
  • Priesthood Sunday – webpage: priestsunday.org