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Mother Marie-Rose Durocher,Oct 6th

About this activity

The goal of this activity is to share the lives of several saints so that the youth might relate to what these people have done and maybe look to these individuals as role models.

The answers to the requirements can be found here.

Answers to Requirements

How to start


  • The birthday, death day and feast day of Mother Marie-Rose Durocher are the same. What is the date?
  • In which province/country, and in what year, was Mother Marie-Rose Durocher born?
  • Mother Marie-Rose Durocher was the co-founder and first member of which religious order?
  • What was the bishop's name who encouraged Mother Marie-Rose to found a religious order?
  • How many years after founding the new religious congregation did Mother Marie-Rose die?
  • What was the purpose to which the Sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary dedicated themselves?


  • Mother Marie-Rose Durocher worked for 13 years at her brother's parish in Beloeil as housekeeper, hostess and parish worker. Research the different needs of your parish and volunteer for at least three hours.
  • Each religious order has a special charism such as teaching, nursing, or praying. Together with your family or group, visit a convent and learn about the particular charism of those sisters.
  • Mother Marie-Rose Durocher dedicated her life to the Christian education of youth. Find a way to "be a teacher" to someone by teaching them something about Christianity that they did not previously know.
  • Mother Marie-Rose Durocher remained unswerving in her concern for the poor. Identify and share with family or friends the services or groups in your parish that offer aid to the poor.

Completion of the Activity

After completing the requirements, the participants will complete the Patch Order Form (Online) and submit it along with the applicable fee to the NCCS. The answers to the questions should be reviewed by an adult for correctness and do not need to be forwarded when ordering the patch.