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Priesthood Sunday

Priesthood Sunday, celebrated nationwide on the last Sunday of October each year, is a special day to honor Priesthood in the United States. It is a call for parishioners to honor Christ as Priest and the men who were called to be his priests on earth. It is also a day to honor all religious and to focus on the importance of vocations. Catholic Scout Packs, Troops and Venture Crews are encouraged to make a special effort to involve the youth in programs of making appreciation cards to be presented after Mass on this day or at an event planned in your parish.

Did you know that Clergy - Priests, Religious, Bishops love patches?

The Duty to God patch is a great way to recognize those in your church community...

To order the Patch

Order by clicking the following link: Patch Online Order Link.

When was the last time you expressed appreciation to a priest?

Sit down with your scout unit, family members and friends and make a list of the priests who have served your parish and family and

  • Call them during the last week of October.
  • Send them a card  / make a personal card
  • Write a personal note and enclose a gift card for a restaurant
  • Take a priest to lunch
  • Invite them to dinner
  • Visit those who are in a retirement home or care center  

Remember your bishop and priests from your parish or who have been called to serve the Church as bishop in another diocese.

Here is a sample planner on how to conduct a Priesthood Sunday celebration:

Below are some Appreciation Cards that you can download, print and modify to thank the clergy in your community. Simply select from the dropdown below to display the card in PDF.

Where can I learn more?

A special website has been established ( to provide ideas for liturgies, social celebrations, preaching, school activities and other events. In some dioceses there will be special Catholic newspaper sections devoted to honoring priests.

Why have a "Priesthood Sunday"?

The first reason for proposing a Priesthood Sunday is to affirm the priesthood in the life of the Church. With the phenomenon of fewer priests, people see fewer priests therefore young people are not offered the opportunity learn about the vocation of priesthood and the life of their pastors. Priesthood Sunday seeks to reaffirm the priesthood of Jesus Christ and its central place in the life of the Church.
Second, some organizations and some parishes have attempted to counteract this negativity. "Priesthood Sunday" sends a message to Catholics and non-Catholics everywhere that the parish priest as the instrument of Christ’s Priesthood on earth, is loved and respected by those in the parish community.

What will take place?

The lay faithful of each parish are asked to develop their own special way of marking the day and honoring their parish priest(s) both at Mass and in the parish.

What can I do?

If you are a parishioner, a member of the parish staff, a lay minister/leader or a Catholic Scouter, call some friends and organize a group to spearhead the celebration. Go to the for some ideas, then plan your own way of honoring the priest(s) of your parish.

Will it make a difference?

Yes it will. Catholic Youth can make a difference…if we all stand up and show our support for the sacredness of Christ’s priesthood and our thankfulness for the parish priest, who is there for us when we need him.

Who is sponsoring "Priesthood Sunday?"

The board of the National Federation of Priests' Councils, the voice of parish priests in the U.S., first declared Priesthood Sunday, but the event is now sponsored by USA Council of Serra International and is supported through the NCCS Vocations Committee, World Wide Marriage Encounter and other Church vocation support organization.

If you have any questions, comments, or may need clarification about this event, please contact the NCCS at NCCS Office at (972) 580-2114 or