Youth Programs

Medallion Program (Adults)

About this activity

The purpose is to help the youths understand more about Scouting and Catholicism in other countries and how they may differ from Scouting and Catholicism in the United States.

The medallion and patch insignia of The International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS) is offered to any adults in recognition of demonstrated awareness of Scouting in the Catholic Church throughout the world.

This is a temporary activity patch that is worn on the right pocket of the Scout uniform.

For a printable flier click here.

How to start

  • Answer the requirements below.
  • Have another adult leader review the answers for correctness.
  • After completing the requirements, fill out the (Online).


A. Help at least 2 youth in different units to earn the International Awareness Recognition.
B. Do any three (3) or more of the following:

  • Participate in a National or World Jamboree or other International Scouting activity. Share with youth in Scouting the religious dimension of what you experienced.
  • Correspond by email with 2 Catholic Scout Leaders in two other countries.
  • Participate and assist youth to participate in Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA) or Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI).
  • Explain to youth the differences and similarities between at least 2 kinds of religious art (e.g. icons, statues, mosaics, paintings).
  • Share information with Cubs, Daises, Brownies, Scouts or Venturers about Scouting for Catholics in another country.
  • Earn the BSA International Award.
  • Attend a Divine Liturgy or a Mass celebrated in a Catholic Church of a different national background or a different rite from your own. Share this experience (and provide transportation if possible) for 2 or more youth.
  • Think about the difference it makes in your life that you are a Catholic, and share it with the Scouting youth with whom you work.

Ordering of Recognition:

The answers to the questions should be reviewed by an adult for correctness.  After completing the requirements, the participants will order the medallion (Online).