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Luminous Mysteries

The Rosary Series focuses on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and How to Pray the Rosary. This is an opportunity for youth and adults to learn more about their faith. All youths and adults can work on this activity and earn the patch. This activity can be worked on individually or as a group. It is not necessary to send the completed form. Adults can verify the correct answers.

PDF file for Luminous Mysteries Activity

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How to start

  • Answer 5 of 10 of the requirements below for your grade level.
  • Your parent or scout leader will review the answer for correctness.
  • After completing the requirements, a parent or scout leader will order the patch (Online).

Requirements for 1st through 5th grade (Answer 5 of 10 questions)

  1. Who baptized Jesus?  Matt 3:13-15
  2. What was the name of the river where Jesus was baptized?  Matt 3:13
  3. What did God the Father say when Jesus was baptized?  Matt 3:17
  4. What was Jesus' first public miracle?  John 2:11
  5. Where did this first miracle take place?  John 2:11
  6. How many disciples went up on the mountain with Jesus?  Luke 9:28-30
  7. At the Transfiguration, who appeared on the mountain with Jesus?  Luke 9:28
  8. What did Jesus tell His apostles about entering the Kingdom of God?  Matt 18:1-4  
  9. At the Last Supper, what words did Jesus say when He blessed the bread?  Matt 26:26; Luke 22:19
  10. At the Last Supper, what words did Jesus say when He blessed the cup? Matt 26:27-28

Requirements for 6th through 12th grade (Answer 5 of 10 questions)

  1. What did John the Baptist say about Jesus?   Matt 4:11   
  2. What miracle occurred at the Wedding at Cana?  John 2:9
  3. What did Mary say to the servants? John 2:5
  4. Jesus taught about His Kingdom by telling parables. Read Matthew 13 and discuss the following:  Matt 13:4-12;  Matt 13:18-23; Matt 13:31-32; Matt 13:44-46; Matt 13:47-50
  5. What did Jesus tell His apostles about entering the Kingdom of God" Matt 18:3-4
  6. Who were the three disciples who accompanied Jesus up on the mountain?  Luke 9:28; Mark 9:2-4
  7. Why did  Peter offer to set up three tents?  Mark 9:5 (the reader must draw a conclusion from the text that is not overtly stated.)
  8. Fill in the blanks: "He who feeds on my ______ and drinks my ______ has _______  _______and I will raise him up on the last day. For my flesh is ________ food and my blood is ______ drink. John 7:54-55
  9. How did some of Jesus' followers respond to this teaching?  John 7:66
  10. How did Peter respond to Jesus' question, "Do you want to leave me too?"  John 7:67-68

Requirements for Adults (Answer 5 of 10 questions plus do #11)

  1. Who was the "voice" crying out in the desert?  Matt 3:3
  2. The Trinity manifested itself at the Baptism of Jesus. Explain. Matt 3:16-17
  3. What was the miracle at Cana?  John 2:1-12
  4. Name the two greatest commandments.  Matt 12:29-31
  5. According to Matthew 18:3-4, what must we do to enter the Kingdom of God?  Matt 18:3-4          
  6. What are the Eight Beatitudes?  Sermon on the Mount, Matt 5:3-12)
  7. How did Jesus look when He was transfigured?  Mark 9:2-3
  8. Name the three disciples Jesus chose to witness the Transfiguration. Mark 9:2-4
  9. In addition to the Eucharist, what other sacrament was instituted at the Last Supper?  Mark 14:22-26
  10. From whom does St. Paul say he received the teaching on the Lord's Supper?  Corinthians 11:22-25
  11. Mentor one or more young persons to achieve the Luminous Mysteries Patch.