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Sorrowful Mysteries

The Rosary Series focuses on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and How to Pray the Rosary. This is an opportunity for youth and adults to learn more about their faith. All youths and adults can work on this activity and earn the patch. This activity can be worked on individually or as a group. It is not necessary to send the completed form. Adults can verify the correct answers.

PDF file for Sorrowful Mysteries Activity

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How to start

  • Answer 5 of 10 of the requirements below for your grade level.
  • Your parent or scout leader will review the answer for correctness.
  • After completing the requirements, a parent or scout leader will order the patch (Online).


Requirements for 1st through 5th grade (Answer 5 of 10 questions)

  1. How did Jesus die?
  2. Who betrayed Jesus and how did he do it? (Luke 22: 47-49)
  3. Why did Pilate ask Jesus who He was?
  4. What did Jesus answer?
  5. What is a crown of thorns and why was it placed on Jesus’ head?
  6. What did the crowd of people keep shouting?
  7. When Jesus carried the cross, how many times did He fall?
  8. How many thieves were crucified with Jesus?
  9. What did the sign of Jesus’ cross say? (Luke 23:38)
  10. Where was Jesus buried?


Requirements for 6th through 12th grade (Answer 5 of 10 questions)

  1. Who betrayed Jesus?
  2. What sign did he give to the soldiers? (Matt 26: 47-49)
  3. How much was he paid to betray Jesus?
  4. Why did the soldiers beat Jesus?
  5. What is a crown of thorns?
  6. How many times did Peter deny Jesus?
  7. Who was forced to help carry the cross? (Luke 23: 26)
  8. What did one of the thieves ask of Jesus? (Luke 23: 40-42)
  9. What did Jesus say in response?
  10. What were Jesus' last words? (Luke 23: 46)


Requirements for Adults (Answer 5 of 10 questions)

  1. At the Last Supper, did Jesus know who was going to betray Him? (Luke 22: 21-23)
  2. What did Jesus ask of God in the Garden of Gethsemane? (Luke 22:39-44)
  3. What did Jesus say to Peter about denying Him? (Luke 22: 31)
  4. Why was Jesus being beaten and scourged?
  5. What did Pilate's wife say about Jesus? (Matt 27: 19-24)
  6. Why did the soldiers force Simon to carry the cross for Jesus?
  7. What did Jesus say to the daughters of Jerusalem?
  8. What sacrament was Jesus referring to when He asked His Father to forgive the people?
  9. What happened on earth when Jesus died? (Matt 27: 50-53)
  10. Who requested the body of Jesus for burial?