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Scout Sunday

popescoutcentralparkThe Boy Scouts of America annually celebrates its founding on February 8, 1910, based on the program started by Lord Baden Powell in England on August 1, 1907. Scout Sunday was added to the Scout celebration in the middle 1940s. Scout Sunday is always the Sunday preceding February 8th, unless the 8th is a Sunday, in which case the 8th would be Scout Sunday. The Saturday following February 8th is Scout Sabbath.

The Scout Sunday tradition was started to make people in houses of worship aware of Scouting, and to allow Scouts to live out their "Duty to God" pledged each week.

The Scout Law says that a "Scout is Reverent" and the Scouts of all ages promise to do their "Duty to God". These values strengthen youth character in their family, community and faith.

The purpose of this activity is to assist parishes who are not presently celebrating the anniversary of Scouting with their Scouting families and wish to add a "Scout Sunday" service. Parishes who already celebrate the lives of their Scouting families may find the information helpful to enhance their present liturgy.

Helpful hints to get you started (PDF)

Do you know of someone who needs to be recognized?

DutyToGod clip image002This is a great time to recognize those people in your scout units. Here are some example of the people that you might want to recognize.

  • Youth Ministers – DRE's
  • Adult Leaders – Pack, Troop, Venture Crews
  • Religious Emblems Counselors
  • Pack, Troop, Venture Crews working on/Completing Religious Emblem(s)
  • Clergy – Priests, Religious, Bishops supporting Scouting
  • Youth/Adult Members of National Catholic Quality Unit Award – Pope Paul VI
  • Youth/Adult completing a service project or attending a retreat
  • Youth/Adult member of a Gold Medallion Unit winner or finalist
  • Youth/Adult participating in the St. George Trek
  • Person(s) contacted to start a new unit
  • Person(s) completing another phase of training
  • Unit(s) presenting their own clergy, youth ministers, etc., involved in "Scouting as Youth Ministry"
  • Members of local (Arch)Diocesan Catholic Committees on Scouting
  • Attendees at Philmont Training Center (Scouting in the Catholic Church)
  • Attendees at an NCCS Biennial Conference
  • Actively serving on an NCCS Committee
  • Participating in program encouraging new units sponsored by Knights of Columbus
  • Members of non-Catholic sponsored units encouraging its Catholics to earn Catholic Religious Emblems Awards

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