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Chaplains Committee


  • Spiritual formation of Catholic youth through promotion and support Chaplaincy in Scouting Programs.

The Chaplain Committee

  • A committee of Chaplains with a Lay liaison (advisor)
  • The Chaplain's Committee develops and promotes literature, materials, resources and programs suitable for use by the Scout Chaplain.
  • Develop and maintain a certification process for Catholic Scout Chaplains (at all levels) to encourage a sense of professionalism.
  • In cooperation with the host diocese, promote, organize and coordinate liturgies and prayer services at NCCS conferences and biennial meetings.

Annual Efforts

  • Liturgies for all annual meetings
  • Philmont Chaplaincy Staffing
  • Chaplain Orientation at Biennial meeting


  • Create cards for current certified chaplains
  • Recruit Jamboree Chaplains
  • Certification process for Catholic Scout Chaplains


In 1995, the NCCS Chaplains Committee initiated a Basic Chaplain Certification Process to give greater skills and professionalism to the Catholic Scout Chaplains. Over the years, a number of Catholic Chaplains received certification through this process. Then, in the last few years, the NCCS Basic Chaplain Certification process fell out of use. Recently, the Basic Chaplain Certification process was resurrected and at the recent NCCS Biennial Conference, several Basic Chaplain Certification Certificates and Cards were issued to those who made application. The Catholic Scout Chaplains receiving Certification include:

Most Reverend Gerald Gettlefinger Reverend Deacon James J. Bayne  Reverend Monsignor John Brady
Reverend Ross Chamberland, OFM Reverend Ray Fecteau Reverend Michael P. Hanifin
Reverend Glenn H. Harris Reverend Monsignor William Hoffman Reverend Deacon Charles B. Koressel
Reverend Roger La Chance Reverend Joseph Powers Very Reverend Nicholas Rachford
Reverend Stephen Salvador Reverend Shawn P. Tunink Reverend Michael J. Weglicki
Reverend Jason Adams    

Basic Catholic Scout Chaplain Application

For further information please contact Chaplains Committee Chairman: Fr. Gerard Gentleman

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