National CCS Information

Finance Committee


  • Administer the financial needs of the national committee


  • Provide for the adequate recordation of all the financial transactions of the NCCS.
  • Control the corporate expenses of the NCCS (recommend policy and delgated authority)
  • Provide for the timely preparation and distribution of all budgets and financial forecasts, including receipts from the various Vice Chairs of standing committees and sub-committees, of data pertaining to projected costs of all special projects.
  • Provide to the National Chair, the members of the Executive Committee, such reasonable assistance as may be requested.
  • Provide oversight and strategy for resource development and funding of NCCS programs
  • Provide oversight and prudent strategies of long term investment
  • Provide for the future funding of chaplains, standing committees, and an executive secretary via the establishment of various endowment programs and trust funds.

Annual Efforts

  • Provide annual accounting of NCCS income, expenses, and investment
  • Prepare annual budget for review by the Executive Committee in the Fall and approval of the Executive Board at its annual meeting
  • Conduct annual Fundraising campaign
  • Oversee annual NCCS Membership and dues campaign
  • Regularly review all investments for appropriateness and performance

Special Programs

  • Prepare a development plan and activities to support the plan
  • Endowment funds to support NCCS Chaplaincy
  • Endowment funds to support NCCS Standing Committee Projects

Committee Contact