National CCS Information

Religious Activities Committee


  • Spiritual formation of Catholic youth through development and support of exemplary scouting related activities.


  • Develop and maintain religious program (retreats, Cub days, visits to seminaries, etc.) support literature for use by diocesan committees. Guidelines for Diocesan Events.
  • Develop, plan, promote, evaluate, and support approved NCCS programs of national impact such as NFCYM participation, the St. George Trek, International World Youth Day, Millennium Awareness, etc.

Annual Efforts

  • Encourage the selection of regional Scouting youth representatives at National Catholic Youth Conferences (biennial)
  • Recognize successful programs with the AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE certificate.
  • Coordinate an "Ideas Fair" at the Biennial Meeting
  • In coordination with the Chaplains Committee, keep the "A Scout is Reverent" manual for scouts up to date.
  • Oversee logistical and program planning for biennial St. George Youth Treks
  • Prepare and maintain guides for successful religious activities (e.g., Cub Days of Recollection, Scout Retreats, Scout Sunday programs, etc.)
  • Recognize quality Scouting related religious activities with the Award of Excellence
  • Develop special, topical national religious activities as opportunities present themselves (e.g., Rosary Patch, national Good Turn days, etc.)
  • Prepare workshops for annual conferences (Biennial and PTC) in support of diocesan* Activities Committees. (Cub activities, retreats, Ideas Fairs, etc.)

Special Programs

  • NFCYM (Promotion of Scout Participation)
  • World Youth Day

Committee Contact