National CCS Information

Vocations Committee


  • Develop an awareness of vocations in Catholic youth through Scouting Programs.


  • Promote the establishment of a Vocations Subcommittee within the Diocesan Committee.
  • Provide written materials, audio and video aids to diocesan scouters, vocations directors and local church leaders to aid them in fostering and encouraging to Church Vocations through Scouting.
  • Provide avenues to materials and resources that spiritually strengthen families. To aid them in vocation and leadership models within their homes.
  • Provide a forum to share thoughts, methods and programs that can be applied to promote vocations in all dioceses.

Annual Efforts

  • Maintain appropriate relationships with other Catholic groups and organizations with vocation focus as directed by the National Chairman
  • Maintain NCCS "bin" literature related to vocations

Special Programs

  • Develop and maintain a Vocations Handbook for use in diocesan Scouting Programs
  • Develop and maintain a Catholic Chaplain's Aide Handbook for the development of Catholic youth leaders as a supplement to BSA Manual(s)
  • Study and recommend an NCCS recognition for youths who have participated in an vocation discernment program.
  • Review effectiveness and suitability of the Ministry Potential Discerner(TM) for Scouting use and evaluate other established methods of calling forth young people within a diocese.
  • Content to supplement Scouting materials for Catholic use
  • Vocation Handbook now available (pdf file 746k)

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