Emblem: Light of Christ Parvuli Dei

The Religious Emblems Committee of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting® requests your feedback to enable them to monitor the effectiveness and viability of the Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei Religious Emblems Programs. The information you provide will help us to achieve this purpose. The information on this form will be sent to the Religious Emblems Committee of exclusive use to monitor the effectiveness of the programs. The information will not be sold or shared for any other purpose.

1. What was your son’s age and grade?
2. How many sessions were needed to complete the program?
3. How long did these sessions last?
4. How long did it require to complete the program?
5. Did your Pack have a Pack Religious Emblems Coordinator to assist you? Yes
6. How many times have you done this program before?
7. Describe your religious educational background.
8. What level of religious education has your son received (e.g.: CCD, parochial school, none, etc.):

PROGRAM INFORMATION: Please answer all questions that apply to the program that you conducted, according to the following scale:

1 – Excellent 2 – Good 3 – Neutral 4 – Needs Improving 5 - Poor

9. How would you rate the format of the Religious Emblems Program booklet?
10. How would you rate the program with regard to how your son enjoyed completing the requirements?
11. How would you evaluate the overall content of the program?
12. How would you rate the introduction in specifying the requirements, procedure, and purpose of the program?
13. Evaluate the program in relation to the ease you had in presenting the program to your son?
14. Describe the age appropriateness of the program, knowing that the Light of Christ is designed for 1st grade boys and the Parvuli Dei is designed for 4th grade boys.
15. How would you rate the training you received in helping you?
16. Did your son have any difficulty in completing a section? If so, which section proved the most difficult?
17. Which part did your son enjoy the most in completing?
18. Did you have any trouble in presenting the program to your son(s)? If so, when during the program?
19. From your experience, what could be done to improve the program?


Please provide the following information:

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